WHY We Do It

Our mission is to make it easier for people working in healthcare - related professions to be able to connect and converse on a social media platform that aligns within the scope of the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

ChatBunker is a new responsible social media communication tool that is accountable, protected, and secure.

Communication between physicians and other healthcare providers remains archaic, and in most cases not HIPAA compliant. Physicians, patients, and the healthcare system have relied on pathways of communications that puts everyone at risk.

ChatBunker was created to secure this communication by creating a platform that works intuitively for responsible and secure interactions.

Every detail was designed to facilitate conversations between medical professionals and their care networks.

Unlike other social medical platforms - ChatBunker was created solely for the medical community by optimizing compliant healthcare interactions between doctors, while providing a fast and secure platform accessible from anywhere.

Our desire was to bring back the comradery of the physician lounge. We hope to make ChatBunker the number choice among doctors for low cost and HIPAA compliant communication.

The need for communication beyond hospital walls

ChatBunker is a SaaS agnostic application available to everyone, everywhere, and on every platform. ChatBunker provides each user with strong interfaces, robust functionality, and customizability to meet the needs of each individual or group user.

ChatBunker on Devices

In order for secure communication solutions to make the biggest impact on care, organizations need to embrace technology that is unrestricted and facilitates interactions within and beyond organizations. Adopting an agnostic platform such as ChatBunker ensures that the right communication can occur at the right time with the right individuals.

It is increasingly apparent that technology in the healthcare arena is not keeping pace with the technology available in our daily lives. Our goal is to create a responsible social media communication tool. We hope to empower physicians and healthcare providers to work collaboratively in the best interest of their patients and communities. We desire to bring back the curbside consult and comradery of the physician lounge while simultaneously optimizing compliant healthcare interactions between doctors.

As it now stands, communication is siloed into specific enterprise software platforms.

Unique to each institution, these platforms are built to satisfy the needs of the organization, as opposed to the individual users.

Doctors are challenged with the task of communicating PHI with peers in other institutions, while simultaneously obeying bureaucratic guidelines.

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